Peter Le Mottee Attorneys prides itself in its capability and competence in enforcing and defending its clients’ rights through civil actions and applications. The firm places emphasis on being meticulous, diligent and reliable in respect of both the merits and procedure in all suits undertaken and clients can rest assured that their best interests are being safeguarded. This includes actions regarding damages, debt, landlord and tenants’ rights and other contractual relationships (rights and obligations).

Family Law

Peter Le Mottee Attorneys is a specialist family law firm and prides itself in the large variety of services it extends to its clients within the family law sphere. From marriages of all matrimonial property regimes to divorces and child law, Peter Le Mottee Attorneys, being a smaller firm, makes available to its clients an easily contactable work force dedicated to bringing pressing matters to a swift and favourable close whilst providing our clients with the facts and not fairy tales.

Commercial Law

From shareholding agreements to joint venture agreements to agreements regulating obligations, rights and relationships; Peter Le Mottee Attorneys caters for the needs of the businessman and business alike. Peter Le Mottee Attorneys is also competent in the creation of infrastructures and frameworks for businesses’ suiting all of their legislative compliance needs.

Law of Contracts and Drafting of Contracts

Peter Le Mottée Attorneys is committed to the individual, specialised needs and requirements of the modern business and businessman alike.

The firm prides itself in playing a key role in business development in South Africa and assisting South African juristic persons and business people in the creation of agreements and contracts tailor-fitted to suit their commercial needs.

Evictions and the Law of Landlord and Tenant

The firm understands that the occupation of a premises by a non-cooperative and defaulting tenant takes its toll on the landlord and property owner. Peter Le Mottée Attorneys offers its clients peace of mind with swift and efficient eviction proceedings against such tenants and whilst the eviction proceedings are instituted, our clients are comforted with regular progress reports and updates on where the matter lies in the proverbial legal process pipeline.

Corporate Debt Collection

The South African economy and its participants and role-players are dependant upon their debtors honouring their payment obligations. However, the recovery of debt often proves to be a challenging and taxing affair. Peter Le Mottée Attorneys is experienced and competent in the recovery of liquid amounts due, owing and payable to juristic persons; whatever the cause of action may be. The firm’s unique approach to collection proceedings; whilst supporting the modern juristic person’s need for fast and reliable collections, simultaneously extends courtesy and professionalism towards all debtors of its clients and believes firmly in maintaining its clients’ business relationships.